You can view your clubs arena, including its name, capacity and facilities, on the Arena page under your club in the main menu. The better your club becomes and the higher they climb in the series, the more people will want to use your facilities and watch them, both of which will provide income for your club.

Capacity and facilities

A arena's capacity is made up of standing, seats and VIP lounges. Bear in mind that different spectators have different requirements, so make sure you provide enough of each of these elements in order to maximise attendance. The bigger your arena becomes, the grander it will look on the Arena page.

Each VIP lounge you build have the capacity to accomodate 20 spectators that also will buy a lot of food and beverages.

Parking spaces are needed since most spectators use their car to access your arena. If you do not have enough oarking spaces built around your arena, you will not be able to reach your max capacity since the spectators will no be able to reach the arena.

Facilities that can be added to your arena include restaurants and kiosks. While these facilities cost money to build and run, they also can provide higher match day income for your club.

Income and weekly costs

Quota Income Weekly cost
Standing 75/100 2 € 0,2 €
Seats 23/100 10 € 0,5 €
VIP lounges 2/100 100 € 10 €
Restaurants 800/1 20.000 € 500 €
Kiosks 300/1 10.000 € 100 €
Parking spaces 65/100 - 0,1 €

Of the total amount of spectators, 75% will chose standing, 23% will choose seating and 2% will chose VIP lounges.

The quotas will help you understand how to optimise your facilities for a given number of spectators.

Arena modifications

To improve your arena you order a construction company to rebuild it. It'll take some time - a week or more depending on the scope of the conversion. All existing stands stay available during the construction time. You pay a set price of 10.000 € per conversion, together with a cost for each seat you want to add or remove:

Construction cost Demolition cost
Standing 2 € 1 €
Seats 10 € 1 €
VIP lounges 2 € 1 €
Restaurants 20.000 € 1.000 €
Kiosks 10.000 € 100 €
Parking spaces 1 € 0,25 €

It's a good idea to have a mix of different types of stands to offer your fans and try to have a capacity that is a little bigger than the maximum amount of spectators that want to come to your home matches. What that number is you have to find out yourself.