Weekly matches

Challenges are matches directly arranged between two managers. They have a number of benefits including testing out tactics, maintaining player form and making a little extra money for your club.

You can challenge or accept challenges from them. Once a challenge has been booked, it cannot be cancelled. Up to two challenges per week can be played for each club (fixed days in your country).

Challenge other managers

Managers can challenge any managed club in Handballr by clicking the "Challenge this club" button on the club page, selecting whether to arrange a home or away match and choosing a date and time. The prospective opponent might already have challenges booked. Yoyu can only book challenges one week ahead.

Once an challenge has been sent, you can see it by clicking "Challenges" in the matches sub-menu and looking at the "Challenges sent" section. Until it has been accepted, you can cancel it by clicking "Remove" next to it. When it is accepted, you receive a notification and the match is booked under your clubs "matches".

Accepting challenges

When another manager has challenges you, there will be a badge on "matches" in the main menu. To view the challenges click "Challenges" in the matches sub-menu and check the section at the top of the screen. To accept a challenge, click "Accept". If you don't want to accept the challenge you can click "Deny".

When you accept a challenge, all other challenges sent to you or by you for that date is removed automatically.

Challenge Pool

On the "Challenges" page you can also choose to enter the challenge pool. Once a day the challenge pool will try to automatically match clubs in the pool and arrange friendly matches.

Your challenge pool submission expires after 5 days or after a match has been booked. Managers with Handballr Pro however can choose to stay in the pool and automatically keep booking friendly matches until they choose to exit.

Challenge Etiquette

The best way to ensure your invitation is going to be accepted is to send it to a friend or find a manager looking for challenges in the "Challenges" forum channel. Remember that most managers will only accept doubles (home and away matches) as ticket sale income can only be earned from home matches.