Your club

Your club

Club names

You are allowed to rename you club once for free when you register. After that is costs 10.000 € to rename you club since marketing materials need to be changed, match kits etc. Remember that all club names most comply with our rules.

Public club presentation

You are able to provide a brief presentation of the club within 300 characters. This presentation is always visible on your club page and is a good way to tell other managers about your club. You can change this easily by selecting "Edit club" on the top right of the club page.

Club badge and colors

You can choose the apperance of your club. You can customize your club badge and define your primary and secondary color for the club. This you can change anytime with no charge. The club colors and badge are all changed with a new revolutionary tech with now charge. Amazing!


The prize shelf is where you display your trophies that you have won with your club. Awards are connected to each manager so if a manager looses their job, they take all the awards with them before leaving the office.

Awards are given when:

  • You win a series
  • You win the top series of your country
  • You player are the top scorer at the end of the season in your series
  • You win official tournaments

Club squad

Your players are the most valuable thing your club have. You must have at least 14 players and can have max 50 players in your squad.

You can sell or fire your players if you don't want them anymore. You can reruit youth players or buy players at the transfer market if you need more players.