The economy

The economy

In Handballr, a healthy bank balance is as important as a healthy league position; if your club goes bankrupt, you could lose your job. You can check on your club's financial health by selecting Finances in the main menu. On the Finances overview page you are able to view your club's financial situation in numbers with you current balance, transactions and weekly expenses and income.

Revenues and expenses

On the finances page you can see your budget for this week. This is what the entries mean:

Match takings: Your income from matches at home. See the capter about the arena for more information on spectator income.

Sponsors: Each week you get a sum of money from your sponsors depending on your division and recent results in the series.

Player sales: Whenever you sell a player, the income ends up here. See the 'Transfers' chapter for more info.

Other: Any other income is accumulated here, such as prize money.

Player wages: Each week you pay your players' wages.

Arena maintenance: The weekly cost for running and servicing your arena. See the capter about the arena for more information.

Arena modifications: Construction or demolition costs if you alter your arena.

New signings: Your costs for buying new players from the transfer market or recruiting youth players appear here.

Other: The remaining costs are accumulated here, such as firing players, renaming club etc.


These are the exchange rates used in the Handballr economy. Normally, you don't have to worry about the exchange rates at all, as all amounts are automatically translated into your own local currency. However, when you communicate with users from other leagues, it can be useful to know the exchange rates.

Country  Currency
Denmark 1 000 kr = 100 US$
Finland 100 € = 100 US$
France 100 € = 100 US$
Germany 100 € = 100 US$
Norway 1 000 kr = 100 US$
Spain 100 € = 100 US$
Sweden 1 000 SEK = 100 US$

Debts and bankruptcy

There's nothing to keep you from spending money even if your balance is zero. You have a line of credit for 300.000 € at the bank. If you run into debt you'll be given a bankruptcy warning. If you do not return your balance from debt within 21 days of your bankruptcy warning, you will be forced to leave your job as a manager!

Note that if a club has players for sale with bids enough to reach the "safe zone", the club will not go bankrupt.