Women and Men

Women and Men

Women and Men

Handballr is available to play with both female and male players. They are completly separated in the game and cannot interact with each other.

That means that when you register you choose the gender. If you select women, you can of course only play in the womens league in your country, only buy female players (in fact, you won't even see the male players) and challenge other women clubs.

The male clubs are visible to you, but you cannot do anything with them.

No difference

Since Handballr is a fictional world we can be a better version of the real world. In Handballr there is no difference what so ever between female and male players. Only the names and gender. Valuations, salaries, player attributes etc are all the same.

Manage two clubs

When you are a Handballr Supporter, you are able to apply for a job as a manager for both women and men. That means you can have two clubs in Handballr. However, as they are not possible to interact with each other, there is no possibility for cheating. Only you get a better chance to test tactics and training strategies. But that is a advantage you get.