Purpose of the game

This is the game manual for Handballr.

Handballr is a game where you get to lead a virtual handball club to glory, in competition with other participants from all over the world. Handballr is a simple game, it's easy to grasp the basics. You can play Handballr even if you just log in once or twice a week (but we hope to see you more often). The challenge is not to beat the game, the challenge lies within the competition with the other managers. While competing, many participants become friends, making Handballr also a social game.

Your main tasks

You perform the duties of both manager and club owner. You plan tactics and strategy, decide what to train and select which players that should play. You buy and sell players, invest in arena improvements and much more. To be successful a good piece of advice is to form a good strategy and a long term plan. Success and glory will not come for free, after all.

Your new club

When you are given the job as manager for your new club it has just got a vacant slot in any of the two lowest divisions in the Handballr series system. To start your climb upwards you got a squad of players (some might be talented and some might not…), a arena and some money to your aid. Now it's time for you to show your magic.

Don't worry about second thoughts when it comes to your clubs name. You can always change your clubs name later, but it will cost you 10.000 € as match kits and marketing material must be changed.

Our best advice

The best piece of advice we can give you is to read this manual. You don't need to read everything at once, just reading the first chapters to start with will give you a good clue how to play the game. If there is any other advice it would be to ask any question you may have in our forums. There is actually a forum designed just for questions about the game.

There is only one thing we insist on: to give you and everyone else the best Handballr experience there are some very simple rules of conduct to follow which you can find in our house rules.