Match orders

Match orders

Match orders are of course a important tool for the manager. This is where you select which player to use on which position in a match.

One hour before

All match orders must be submitted to Handballr at least one hour before. After that, the match orders cannot be changed.


When setting you match orders you can select players for the following positions in a handball game:

Position Explanation Type
GK Goalkeeper Defense
FL Far Left Defense
FR Far Right Defense
HL Half Left Defense
HR Half Right Defense
BCL Back Court Left Defense
BCR Back Court Right Defense
LW Left wing Attack
RW Right wing Attack
LP Line player Attack
LB Left back Attack
CB Center back Attack
RB Right back Attack
PT Penalty taker Role

You set the primary player for each position (starting line-up) and the substitute for each position.

You are also able to select which two players (primary and secondary) should be penalty takers and perform the 7-meter throws. 

Right player on the right position

It is important to try and select players with the right set of skills for each position. Here is a brief rundown of what type of skills are important on each position:

Position Primary skills
GK Goalkeeper
LW, RW Jump, Speed
LP Playmaking, shooting, mobility
LB, RB Shooting, passing
CB Playmaking, passing, shooting
7M Shooting
FL, FR, HL, HR, BCL, BCR Defense


You can give detailed instructions to the team in th match order. A instruction is executed by the coach during the match if applicable. Instructions are executed in the order set by you. If two instructions conflict with each other, the first one in the list will be executed.

All instructions can be executed during a specific match minute or any time during the match if they match the standing condition set by you.

There are currently two types of instructions you can set.


You will need to substitute your players. The subs defined in the match order are only reserves if anything happens during the game. If you do not define any substitutions the starting players will play the full game (and probably get very very tired).

A substituion will only be executed when the team is moving from defense to attack (as close to the match time you have defined). This is because if you change a player in the middle of an attack situation (your team or opponent) that would give the opponent a advantage on the field.

A substitution can only be performed if it match where the players are currently. If for some reason a player is already on the field and you set them to change with another player, the substitution will not be performed.

You can only substitute players from the bench with players on the field.

If you select that the substitution should only affect defense, your two players will start to change with each other in attack and defense. The player on the field will be attacker and substitute with the player in the bench each defense. They will do this until the half time or if you define another substitution that resets this. For example you could make sure that the attacker is substituted in and the defenser out but without checking "only defense" and the previous order gets aborted.

All substitutions are reset in half time. Meaning that the second half always starts with the same players on the field as in the beginning of the match.

Defense formation

Changing the defense formation depending on the result, or what players you have on the field is very powerful. This instruction gives you the ability to change the defense formation during the match.