Player attributes

Player skills

Each player has 9 basic skills, while there are also some additional factors affecting their performance in different situations. Let's have a rundown of these basic and very important skills:

How high the player can jump and how good they are at using their "air time".

Basically how hard they shoot and how good they aim. A very vaulable skill to score the goals that wins the game.

How flexible are the player.

How good the player are at stopping the ball with the hands and legs.

The technique of stopping another player in defense.

Delivering a good pass to a teammate can be everyhting for a successfull attack.

The ability to analyze the game situation and makew the best choice.

Defines how fast the player can run on the field.

Decides how much of his ability to perform a player loses during the course of the match.


The better form a player is in, the better they will perform. Form in Handballr reflects a combination of aspects making it possible for, or preventing a player, from reaching their full potential – like for example how their private situation in life is at the moment.

On the player page you can see a player's "current form". It has nothing to do with how well trained a player is. Form is not changed or influenced immediately. It moves slowly in a direction. Players that play matches have a higher potential to reach a better form, but also a player that does not play can reach a high form. And players that play all matches can also have a negative form due to factors you cannot control in the players life. Keep en eye out for those form drops.

Form is updated each day after the training session and a players long-term form change on a irregular basis.

Form is an important attribute for you as a manager to keep an eye on to get the most out of your current line-up. A player with bad skills, but very good form, can perform better than a player with good skills and bad form.

Best possible form is a level 20 and that is when the player reaches their full potential. For each form level lost the player will loose performance. However, the more the players looses the worse it gets. It's not a linear scale.

Change of skills

The skills slowly change over time. All skills can be improved by training as long as the player is a active player, but as players get older they will also start losing a little of their skills. Everything about changes in skills is described in the chapter about training.

Player age

You can see players exact age on the player page. One Handballr year is 91 days, which means all players are a certain age and 0 - 90 days old.

Player Value Indicator (PVI)

Players' PVI are recalculated once a week. The PVI is calculated by a secret formula that combines all attributes of a player. The higher value the better player, but for what? That is your job as a manager to figure out.


A players salary (which is based on their PVI) is renegotiated at the start of each season. The salary is paid to the player each week when the weekly financials updates takes place.

Youth players

Youth players can be very valuable. They are the future. A player is considered a youth player under the age of 18.

You can recuit new youth players via your scout network every 7 days from the players page.

It costs 1.000 € each time you recruit a new youth player.


Players do not voluntarily retire from playing handball. They always assume that they can continue to play and be useful to the club!

However, their skills decrease by age. The skills start decreasing somewhere around the age of 28. It's different for all players, but eventually they will loose all their skills for playing handball.

Selling a player

If you don't need a player anymore or need the money more, you can sell a player. Everything about selling your players are explained in the chapter about the transfer market.

Fire a player

When you don't need a player anymore and cannot sell them, you can fire them instead. It costs 5.000 € to abort the players contract and have them fired. They will leave your club immediately.

You can only fire one player every 24 hours from your club. Remember you must have at least 14 players left in your squad.


Injuries for players are not active in the game yet.

Player lists

On your "Players"-page for your club you can create and manage your custom player lists. They are a tool for you as a manager to manage your players more easily. Users that are not subscribed to Handballr Pro can only create up to 3 lists. Pro managers can create unlimited.

The player lists are also available to use when sending match orders the make it easier for you to find your players.