Season length

A Handballr season is 13 weeks long (91 days): 14 league rounds, one week for qualifiers and one week with no league activity.

Country seasons

Each country in Handballr has it's own season number. They are all aligned with seasons in other countries, but they might now have the same numbers as different countries haven been active in Handballr different length.

Season schedule

During the night of the first Monday of a season, all promotions and regulations are being made. The league schedules are also being planned. After this, a new season has started.


The last week of a season the qualification matches are played. Clubs that do not participate in the qualifications can book extra challenges instead this week (up tp four challenges).

The first week of a new season there are no league matches played. This week no extra challenges are played as the players need to rest before going into another great season.