Season length

A Handballr season is 13 weeks long: 14 league rounds (12 teams in each league who play each other twice), one week for qualifiers and one week with no league activity. More about the seasons are available in that chapter.

Division tree

Handballr series are separate in every country. Each country has one top division containing the best 12 teams in that country and a "pyramid" system of divisions below it.

For each division level there are the times as many leagues:
Top league: 1 league, 12 clubs
Div 1: 3 leagues, 36 clubs
Div 2: 9 leagues, 108 clubs
Div 3: 27 leagues, 324 clubs
Div 4: 81 leagues, 972 clubs

Each division is identified by gender, a code which first describes its level in the pyramid and then its number within that level (e.g. Women div2.7).

League table

You can see your clubs's current position in your series in the Standings page of a league.

In the standings table the following columns are presented, in addition to a club's position and name:

Symbol Explanation
P Played matches
W Wins
D Draws
L Losses
+/- Goals scored and goals conceded
P Points
+/- Goal difference

The leagues standings are determined by the following factors:

  1. Points
  2. Goal difference
  3. Wins
  4. Goals scored
  5. (Luck)

If all of the above factors are equal, a digital coin toss decides who comes first.

Topscorer and top goalkeeper

Each league has it's own topscorer board for the current season. This is a summary of all goals scored in the league matches played so far this season. If a player leaves the club (sold or fired) they loses their goals scored.

A similar table is available for the goalkeepers with a summary of best saves percentage in the league matches played so far this season.

The club with the topscorer and top goalkeeper at the end of the season is awarded 50.000 €.

Promitions and regulation

The club that finishes top of a league at the end of each season is promoted to a division in the level above, while the bottom three clubs are relegated to the one below (unless they already occupy a division at the bottom of the pyramid, in which case they remain in the same division).

Clubs that finish in second place play-off for promotion while those that finish in seventh to ninth place play-off to stay in the division. Inactive clubs (managed by robots) are not promoted.

The week after the last regular round, the qualification matches are played. Clubs face each other in two matches (home and away) and the club with the most scored goals after that wins. If clubs score is equal after both matches overtime will be played.

After the quailfication week, all regulations and promitions are performed, prize money are awarded and a new season begins.

Prize money

The winner of a division is awarded with a trophy and some prize money. The prize money awarded depends on the division level:

Division level Prize money
Top level 100.000 €
Div 1 80.000 €
Div 2 75.000 €
Div 3 70.000 €
Div 4 65.000 €