Staff is a important part of your club. They use their expertise and skills to improve your players or make it easier for you to manage your club.

Staff level

Each staff member has a level indicator (1-5 stars). This is a very important attribute of your staff and shows how good they are. For different staff types they have different meaning and more is explained below.

Staff salaries

When hiring new staff, they show their requested salary. Staff salaries are based on their staff level and (for trainers only) their skills.

The requested salary is for a one week contract. The longer the contract you offer, the less expensive it will be per week. If you however want to break the contract before it expires, you will have to pay a fee described below.

Staff types

There are currently two types of staff available to hire for your club.


Trainers help you improve your players skills faster. Like players, they have different skill levels in each attribute. Their training effect is controlled by their staff level and their skill level in the attribute they are teaching. It needs to be greater than that of the players under their guidance.

A trainer of staff level 1 with skill level 12 in goalkeeper can train players up to this skill level. If the players they train have reached 12 they will have no effect anymore. A similar trainer, but with with staff level 5, will improve the players five times faster. But with the same limits when the players have reached skill level 12 in goalkeeper.

A trainer can either improve the training efficiency of the whole team during training or be focused on specific players. When you have trainers hired in your club, you can choose this on the "Training" page. A trainer that only focuses on one player will have maximum effect (individual feedback is very important when developing skills) from that trainer. When a trainer trains the whole team, the effect is spread out on everyone and has less effect of course. In general, a trainer with staff level 1 will have very little effect on the whole team, but a trainer with staff level 5 can have real effect to the whole team.


Scouts help you recruit better youth players. The higher the staff level, the better youth players they will find for you more often. But even a very talented scout can make mistakes.

Every scout has a speciality. Possible specialities and their results are:

Speciality Good for scouting
Attack Wing players, Back-court players, Line players
Defense Goalkeepers, Players strong in defense
Generic All types of players

A note about "Generic" scouts. They are good if you are looking for all types of players, but they might not find as good goalkeepers as a scout with defense speciality.

Hiring staff

If you want to hire new staff you can select one of the available staff positions in your club from the "Staff" page. You can only hire if you have free slots. If you already have the maximum amount of staff hired, you must free a slot before you can search and hire a new staff member.

When on the hunt for staff members, you select what type of staff you are looking for and then you can also specify the level. Review the available staff prospects on display and click "Negotiate" if you are interested in someone. You can only view a limited amount of staff prospects at a time and they only stay available for you for 5 minutes. After that, they move on to the next club. Talented people have many opportunities in a competitive market so you have to decide fast!

When negotiating, offer a contract to the staff member based on length (weeks). They will give you feedback on how they feel about your offer. The higher level the staff member is, the harder it will be for you to sign them long-term. The best staff members only want to work long-term in the best clubs (best divisions).

When you have a reached an agreement and the staff prospect has accepted your offer, you can finally decide if you want to sign them or not. If you sign them, they will start working for your club in a few minutes.


If one of your current staff members is in the last 14 days of their contract, you can offer them a new one before the current one expires by clicking "Renew contract". Renegotiating a contract works in exactly the same way as negotiating a new one.

If you know you want to keep the staff member indefinitely, Handballr Pro users can use set contract to "auto renew". When a staff members contract is set to auto renew it will automatically renew with the same conditions as the current contract each time it expires.

Firing staff

You have the option to break a contract ahead of time if your plans change and you need a staff slot to open up, but if you do you will need to pay the saving up to that time, twice, so it can be very costly to change your mind. Of course you will also have to pay the current weeks salary to the staff member.

During the first or the final week of a contract, it is not possible to break the contract at all.