Tournments is like a alternative competition system in Handballr where managers can measure their strenght against each other.

Tournament types

There are currently three types of tournaments in Handballr. Official tounaments are created by crew and there are some different tournments during the seasons. Some repeat themselves and some are one time tournaments. National tournaments are a part of a country and play parallel to the series during a season.

Handballr Champions

In the beginning of each season a tournament is played with the winners from each country. These two winners from each country is the winner of the national tournament and the country champion in the series (winner of the top division). These compete in a truly prestigious champions cup where only one can be the best of the best.


When a official tournament is created invites are sent out to all managers who can participate. You then have until the defined deadline do accept the invitation if you want to join the tournament.

In national tournaments, clubs with managers are added to the tournaments automatically since this is a part of the competative system in the country.

Match days

Each tournament has it's own match days and time when the tournament matches are played. If a tournament match is played at the same time as your team plays another match (this can happen sometimes), this has no effect and is just a unfortunate coincidence. You can be calm, your players will play eually good in both matches.

Match incomes

In all tournament matches incomes from ticket sales etc are split 50/50 between the two teams. Of course, the home teams arena is the limit for how many spectators that can attend.


All tournaments give different types of prixze money at the end. When a tournament is finished and the last match has been played, these money are paid out.