Days with training

Your squad trains four times a week. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. After each training session the player skills are updated and a training report is sent to you.

Your team trains before lunch and training reports are available shortly after (mid-day).

Training effect

Younger players are in general faster learners than older players, but how much your player will learn from training also depends on the skill level they're at – the lower the skill level the faster the training. Training on very low skill levels is many times faster than on medium skill levels, and training on very high skill levels is slower than on medium skill levels.

Apart from age and skill level there are two factors deciding the effects of training: set of training exercises and number of different exercises.

You can improve the training efficiency by adding trainers to the exercise. More details about trainers is found here.

Training exercises

When planning you training you can choose between six sets of exercises that improves different skills:

Different forms of running. Improves the players speed and stamina.

Attack systems
The players train attack together. Improves playmaking and passing.

The players train shooting technique. Improves shooting and jump.

Goalkeeper training improves the goalkeeper skill. A good goalkeeper can be the difference between a loss and a win.

Basic passing exercises and throwing technique. Improves passing skill.

Focus on the technique of stopping other players in defense. Improves defense skill.

Training reports

After each training session you are presented with a training report that shows a rough estimate on how your players improved. Exaclty how much a player has improved is impossible for any manager to know, but follow the training reports closely as they can tell you many things about a players abilities.

You can see an arrow symbol that indicates how much the player as improved. One arrow is a small improvement, two arrows is very good and three arrows is the most possible and a very good training result.

Training reports are only available for the current week.

Skill decrease

When a player gets closer to the age of 30, they loses a little of their skills each week. How big the decrease is depends on how old the player is and the level of skill they're at. The higher level of skill the player is at, the bigger decrease. Older players also suffer from bigger decreases than younger ones.