Transfer Market

Transfer Market

On top of recruiting youth players and training up your current squad, another way to strengthen your club is to bring brand new senior players in via the transfer market.

Selling a player

To sell a player you place them on the transfer list, which you do from the page of that particular player. You choose what price you're asking for them and they are placed on the transfer list.

A player however needs to have played at least one game for your club to be transfer listed, and you can't transfer list a player more times than he has played games for your team. This restriction does not apply to recruited youth players, or to players that were on your team when you first became manager.

The player will be on the transfer list three days before going to the club that has offered the most, provided somebody has placed a bid for them. A sold player disappears off to their new club after the deadline expires, unless one of the clubs involved in the transfer is playing a match at the time, in which case they will arrive as soon as the match finishes. If a buyer is not found they will stay at your club.

Remember, once you transfer list a player you cannot change your mind and remove them from the list. However, if you decide you need the player after all, you always have the option to buy them again yourself!

Buying a player

To buy a player you visit the transfer market, under the World in the main menu. You search for what kind of player you want and to make an offer you enter the page of the player by clicking on their name. You must raise the bid by 1.000 € or 2%, whichever is greater. If there is no current bid on the player you can bid the asking price, as long as this is equal to or greater than 1.000 €. Note that the sum of your bids plus the wages of the players you are bidding on (you always pay a player's first salary immediately after the purchase) cannot put you more than 300.000 € into debt.

You may bid on a player right up until the deadline. If someone places an offer less than 3 minutes before the deadline, the deadline will be extended for another 3 minutes right on top of the point in time that the offer was made.

Types of bids

Normal bid
All users can place normals bids. Just type the amount you want to bid and it will be placed on the player. If someone else bids higher within the transfer rules the price of the player is raised.

Max bid (Handballr Pro)
A max bid (maximum bid) represents the highest amount that you're willing to pay at the moment for the player. A assistant within your clubs organization will then automatically place bids on your behalf. It will always place the lowest bid necessary and never go higher than your max bid.

If you're the first to place a bid on a player, it will start at the lowest accepted bid amount.

If someone bids against you, the assistant will attempt to bid one bid step higher so as to give you a possibility to win the player. Again, they will never bid higher than your max bid amount.

Before the transfer reaches deadline, you can change your maximum bid at any time: Just place a new bid for a different amount. You will never bid against yourself, even if you increase your max bid.

You can lower your max bid in the same way. But you can never lower it below the highest bid currently placed.

If two bidders end up placing the same bid, the max bid placed first wins. So it is recommended to place your max bid as early as possible.

Max bids are only available for managers with Handballr Pro.

Fair Play on the transfer market

Good players and money are key aspects of Handballr, which makes it very important that no club benefits from abnormal activities in the transfer market. This means that buying players at inflated prices is prohibited, and so is any activity that is designed to give a club a financial benefit of any kind. Only the player's attributes which have an influence on the game, such as skills, age and uniqueness play a role in determining their market value.

Handballr is fully authorised to cancel or adjust abnormal transfer prices, hand out fines to clubs or even ban the managers involved. If you have received a clearly inflated bid on your own player from someone, then please contact Handballr Crew immediately.