Rules of Handballr

Rules of Handballr

General rules

Handballr is completely free of charge. We only insist that you follow our very simple rules. If you think that someone is breaking the rules, please notify the Handballr Crew.

The Handballr Crew is always trying to improve the game. Functions may be added at any time, although larger changes are usually introduced between seasons. As Handballr is a game with no actual ending point, it sometimes has to be adjusted by the developers. For example, to prevent certain types of teams from becoming invincible. In short, the developers supervise the game, sometimes having to exercise a certain amount of control. We try to achieve this as fairly and smoothly as possible, preferably giving notice of changes in good time, to help you adjust. However, sometimes changes just have to be made.

Generally, the servers are always open for business, with allowances for operational disturbances or upgrades. We always try to give due notice of service interruptions, but under extreme circumstances we might have to fix problems without the luxury of forewarning.

Sometimes unplanned events occur, such as bugs. If something that seems strange happens, contact the GMs about it and we'll have a look. When we're troubleshooting we try to make it as fair as possible, but for practical reasons a match can't be replayed. Unfair calls from referees, strange occurrences on the field ruining a game, and bad luck are, when all is said and done, a part of the game.

Your behaviour

You can do a lot of things in Handballr and with Handballr, but to keep the game fun for everyone we need to have a set of rules on how to act. These rules are simple and pretty obvious, and apply to all areas of Handballr. Handballr should be fun and safe to play by everyone, irrespective of their age, gender, origin, race or religion. In short you are expected to be polite to each other, treat others with respect, and take into consideration that children are welcome to Handballr too.

Anyone breaking these rules may be disqualified from Handballr with immediate effect. Note that the Game Masters have absolute authority in deciding if somebody is breaking these rules.

It is strictly prohibited for you, as a Handballr player, to engage in any of the activities described below.

  • Sending threatening, insulting or derogatory messages or other means to other managers and the forums. Spamming users or forums, i.e. sending unsolicited messages like advertisements, friendly game offers and asking for supportership. It is also forbidden to act in a profane or otherwise abusive manner.
  • Attempting to steal or sabotage Orangelab AB property, or encouraging others to do so. This property includes the servers, software and copyright protected material.
  • Scanning the site, or creating, using or distributing applications that automate parts of the game, unless these applications are authorised by the game developers. Also, you may not automatically include parts of the site at other sites or in other applications.
  • Cheating in any way, such as trying to decipher the passwords of other players, or trying, in any other way, to unduly spoil the enjoyment of other players.
  • Attempting to access information that is not linked on the site, or trying to post data in a similar fashion. You may only access information and navigate the site by using a web browser.
  • Making cheating accusations, advertising for real life goods (this includes referral links), promotion of criminal activities and/or drugs, publishing correspondence with Handballr Crew, sharing specifics about Game Masters or Moderators decisions and discussing individual decisions.

Last but not least, you can only have one user account. One more time, it is forbidden to control more than one account. If you control multiple accounts, you risk suspension from Handballr. It won't help if one of your friends registered the account - if you're the one controlling it (giving the orders) you're considered to be the owner. Your account is considered private, which means you can't let friends or family log in to use your account, or give it away to another person. It's also prohibited to buy players from friends at obviously inflated prices, even though you might just be trying to be a nice person! If you have received a clearly inflated bid on your own player from someone, then please contact the Handballr Crew immediately. To contact the crew, please visit our contact page.

For all situations not explicitly described in the rules, the Handballr officials (Game Masters and Moderators) have discretionary authority to resolve the situation within the spirit of the rules. Also, any conversation with the Handballr officials is strictly personal and may not be published or forwarded in any way.

Name and logo policy

Even if the logos we like the best are those with a real connection to the team in any way, we are rather open-minded about the content of the logos and the names you choose for your club. But in order to make sure gamers don't misuse this freedom to offend or discriminate anyone (deliberately or not) and in defence of voices from various females, parents and people from countries or religions with more stern values - some things are not ok to put in your logo or use as a name.

  • No offensive, insulting, derogatory or discriminating names/logos (to group or other), including racist, fascist and terror org. symbols and similar.
  • No sexually explicit content, including nudity, semi-nudity or sexually provocative poses. People should be decently dressed.
  • No promotion of criminal activities or use of illegal goods or substances.

Commercial messages

The Handballr forums, club pages and other areas of public view are no place for users to post commercial messages. The guiding principle is that as a Handballr user, you should not have to be exposed to content that other users post for their own real-life benefit.

This does not mean that you can't mention a company name or product when the context calls for it. But if you abuse this rule, and try to push commercial messages for any reason, we may delete them, fine you, or even ban you from Handballr. Discussion is OK, promotion is not. It is considered spam and a pollution of our common space.

In the non-Handballr forums we generally allow threads about, for example, other websites, apps and online games. We do this as a service to our users and only as long as this openness is not being exploited for commercial reasons. If other companies start treating Handballr as a free marketing channel, or if promotional links and affiliate links are being posted in our forums, we may blacklist these products and the users who have posted them.

Game Masters

In Handballr there are a number of Game Masters, or GMs. These are a small group of especially skilled and responsible managers who have been appointed to make sure the game works, prevent cheating and help managers having various problems with their clubs. The Game Masters make themselves available because they enjoy helping and they don't get paid for their work.

Sometimes the Game Masters will have to act, disqualifying people who cheat or break the rules of conduct for the site. If this happens to you and you believe that you have been unjustly punished, you have the right to try to explain why you think you're not guilty.

You may inquire as to why you have been suspended, but it's not the Game Masters' duty to account for all their evidence. If they always revealed how they caught cheaters, discovering cheating would be much harder in the future. The Game Masters are not obliged to prove possible cheating. However, it's the Game Masters' obligation to suspend any users they're convinced are cheating.

The Game Masters have the authority to issue several different forms of punishment, from in-game fines to your club to complete suspension from the game.

The Game Masters' decisions can be appealed to the Senior GameMasters, whose decisions can't be contested. Please be aware that punishments that are under appeal can be increased or decreased once a final decision has been made.

To contact a Game Master, please visit our contact page. Please do not use the internal messaging function to contact officials for in-game matters. The internal messages is for them as managers of their clubs, not their role as officials. Additionally, all correspondence between the officials and users is considered private and should be treated as such between yourself and the officials.

Forum rules and moderators

In Handballr Forums there are a number of appointed Moderators (or Mods) who is there to help users in need, but also to make sure our forums are enjoyable to visit. When visiting the forums the general rules of behaviour apply as always, but some forum rules also apply to keep the friendly spirit in the forums. Some forums have additional specific rules, and these can always be found in the sticky topic in the relevant forum. The Moderators have the authority to issue forum bans and warnings as a way to uphold the rules.

Game Masters also have moderation rights, and can deal with severe violations (which can cause complete suspension from the game). Please remember that having paid membership doesn't prevent you from forum bans, and paid membership features will not be refunded in case of such.

In the forum areas of Handballr you must follow our rules of behaviour. Moreover, it is not permitted to:

  • Spam, e.g. multiple posting of the same message.
  • Bump threads (posting merely to promote yourself or a certain thread).
  • Make posts with provocations and trolling.
  • Swear or use profane language excessively.
  • Post racist, sexist or personal attacks; attacks on a specific nation or religion.
  • Post political and religious discussions.
  • Make cheating accusations (use the report cheaters page instead).
  • Request help with or promote illegal software downloads or software CD-keys or to ask for torrents and/or streams for (sporting) events.
  • Pretend to be an Handballr official when you are not.
  • Discuss official decisions regarding specific users or cases, or publish correspondence with Handballr officials without permission.

May the best manager win.